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Founded in 1997, Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo (United Way Costa Rica) is a non-profit business organization that promotes sustainable development in Costa Rica through direct participation and partnerships. The organization promotes corporate social responsibility as a business imperative, partnering with companies and their stakeholders to cooperatively create a better Costa Rica and Central America for all people. AED works with over 90 national and multinational companies with operations in Costa Rica, on two main focus areas: Business Development and Social Investment. The business development area provides guidance, tools and methodologies to facilitate incorporation of best practices throughout a number of business areas such as governance, employee relations, environment, marketing, suppliers, community and public policies. The social investment area promotes Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s), both at a local and national level, to address some of the country’s most pressing challenges, including: quality education and health systems, early childhood development, entrepreneurship and job creation, among others.

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